Garage door sensors protect you and your family from the door closing accidentally and causing injury to someone. If anything is in the path of the doorway, it doesn’t close, so it remains safe for children, pets and automobiles that may remain in its path. This seems like a safe device until the device isn’t aligned at all and won’t close. Fortunately, for us, it’s easy to fix a misaligned sensor and here’s how.

Find the home breaker box

First things first, you need to cut off the power for safety reasons. By cutting off the power on the garage’s fuse you can turn off the power sensors. You don’t need to be actually fiddling with electrical wiring of your garage’s power sensors, but it’s safer to turn off the electrical wiring rather than getting yourself electrocuted.

Loosen the screws

You need to make the screws that hold the brackets of your sensors loose on your walls. You don’t need to take the sensors off the wall, you just need to loosen them up so that you can move them up and down. This is how you align the sensors. They can easily become misaligned if they are bumped so try to keep a clear area near the sensors.

Slide the garage sensors

You need to slide the garage sensors downward as low as possible; low enough so that you don’t need to remove the brackets. Next, you need to tie a sting across the sensor’s center. This will be used for determining alignment with the other sensor. You need to tie a string across the opposite sensor.

Level the strings

Check that the level of the strings are exactly level, which means that they are a straight line. You will need to use a level to check it. If you just try to “eyeball” it you may find that the alignment is off.

Tighten the screws

Tighten the screws so the sensors are in the new position where they are level with each other; this will ensure that they are aligned. Having the sensors aligned will enable to door to function properly.


You need to confirm that the strings are level in their new position when they are aligned. They may have become misaligned when you tightened the screws. So it is imperative to re-check the alignment with the level. If the strings are level and aligned you can finish up.


Remove the strings and turn the power back on at the fuse box. Test the sensors by opening and closing the door. If it is not working you may need to recheck the alignment.

Now, you are ready to open and close your door without hesitation. The sensors are in their proper place and they are ready to be used once again; you can feel safe for you, your children and your vehicles, once again.