Hidden cameras are also called “spy cams” or “nanny cams” they are minute cameras that are designed to be concealed anywhere. They can be attached to a shirt button or house plant, they were employed for surveillance purposes after the event of Sept 11th 2000, when terrorist struck the world trade center in the United states of America resulting in the loss of over 2000 lives. The cameras are employed in many public places such are railway terminals, shopping malls, airport or any other public place because they are not noticeable and where the activities of people should be monitored into to prevent crime.

The hidden camera has been used by home owners to secure their valuable from intruders; since the cameras are not easily visible activities around the home can be watched without anyone noticing. If you have a nanny or baby sitter, you can use this type of camera to monitor them after leaving your home in their care. The development of remote monitors has made it possible for home owners to monitor activities from their office or any location with internet access. Hidden camera are either produced to operate with wires or without wires (wireless). The wireless ones operate with batteries while the wired cameras are hand wire to a source of power.

In the event of a power outage the wireless hidden camera will continue functioning; this is the advantage it has over the wired one. The camera are basically of two color types, black and white models and the technology used by most hidden cameras is the charge couple device (CCD). There are laws governing the use of hidden cameras, in some places they completely banned or against the law, unless when granted permission. Before purchasing one, it is good to understand the rules and regulations guiding the installation of any hidden devices for surveillance purposes at any place so that you are not accused of violating regulations.

It is a worthwhile investment for those that own small business because you will be able to monitor event in the place when you are not there and it will give you peace of mind. Some unique hidden camera to take a look at is the Sony dream machine that can identify activities inside your bedroom; another is the universal exit sign surveillance camera that can find out employees that try to steal and there is down view smoke detector is another effective hidden camera that is installed on the ceiling.