I have written about Password Managers in the past. I believe that they are the only way to protect your passwords and to make strong passwords for you. After all you do have strong passwords, don’t you? What about a different password for every account you have? If you have just these two things then you need a password manager. The only other option is to write down all of your passwords and save them in a file on your computer, tablet or phone. Or maybe write them on some paper that is in a desk drawer. I hope that you are not opting for these two.

A company called Dashlane has come up with a new and very exciting option that it is adding to its password manager. They call it “Password Changer”. It can automatically change your passwords and in the process create new and strong ones. This is a free upgrade for all users. Currently they have the 50 most popular sites working and they are adding more. They will also make it work on android and iPhones very soon.

Password Changer can also be set to change your password on a set schedule say every 30 days or maybe once per quarter. I suspect that other password managers will also have this type of technology in the future. For it to work you must commit to using Dashlane across all your devices.

During the past year you have heard of the data breach at Target, eBay, Adobe Systems, Home Depot and Sony. These are big companies that spend a lot of money on internet security, yet they were successfully attacked. If you had an account with any of these companies you should change your password, you did didn’t you? Maybe you didn’t because of the time it takes, or you were busy. With password changer you can set it to take care of changing your passwords for you, automatically.

If you are not using a password manager now is the time to get one. If you have strong passwords there is no way that you can remember them all, if you don’t, you need to make some. Now think of all you have exposed if your password gets stolen or hacked. Bank and investment accounts, what about online accounts that keep your credit card numbers to make shopping easier. Lose one of these and your credit card could be exposed.