Sometimes we tend not to appreciate the true value of things that we don’t fully understand, until we compare them with something that we understand. In this case, it may be hard to comprehend the true value of professional asbestos roof removal. Hence, a comparison with normal roof removal might give you a better insight into it and appreciation of its immense value.

There are several similarities and differences between normal roof replacement and asbestos roof replacement.

1. Select The Right Roofer

If you want a roof that will last long without undue problems, you definitely must hire an expert roofer. Such a roofer will always have expert personnel who know exactly how to carry out the entire operation. You are also assured of quality materials being used during the installation, which would be installed effectively using proper equipment. Moreover, you would have the assurance that such a roofer follows all the regulatory requirements during the entire process, so that you don’t end up with any legal issues.

Similarly, in asbestos roof replacement, the best contractor isn’t just someone who is capable of handling roofing operations. Such a contractor must also be qualified in asbestos handling. You need professionals who are critically aware of all regulatory requirements in handling asbestos due to its potentially harmful nature. The expert contractor would also possess proper training, as well as having the most appropriate equipment to carry out the operation safely.

2. Property Protection

When you have the right roofer, during normal roof replacement, the operation would normally start with deliberate steps to protect your property. Considering that material and debri can easily fall off the roof, lower areas of the house must be properly covered. This involves use of tarps and protection plywood to cover walls, siding, plants and any other structures that may be affected.

The process of asbestos roof replacement would also have a similar aspect of property protection during the initial stage of the operation. In fact, such protection would be even more important, since asbestos containing materials (ACM) contain toxic fibres. Hence, further protective measures must be applied, including cordoning off the work area to ensure that no unqualified person encroaches.

3. Removal Of Old Roofing Material

The basic aim of both asbestos roof replacement and normal roof replacement is simply to remove the old roofing material. However, the manner in which each is handled is quite different.

With normal roof replacement, there is hardly much concern if the old shingles are broken up or they fall off the roof onto the ground. Indeed, more emphasis is placed on actually getting the old roof off the house as quickly as possible, rather than the specific manner in which it would be done (with certain limits, of course).

In case asbestos is present, the roof removal process is handled in a very delicate manner. Great emphasis is placed on the manner in which the process is carried out, rather than getting things done as fast as possible. There are clear safety and precautionary measures that must be applied at each and every step to prevent asbestos contamination. Asbestoswise indicates a whole range of actions that cannot be performed during the process, including use of power tools, sanding discs compressed air, among others.