The best place to do business is also usually the best place to live in. High business areas usually have a population that is willing to spend and this means better facilities and amenities. However, this is not enough as requirements vary at the family level. How do you find a state or city that is good to live in?

Let us find out.

Every year, large survey companies like 24/7 Wall Street conduct extensive surveys of almost all the major states in the US. These websites review the finances, population, job opportunities, crime rate, air and water quality, schools, access to recreational areas, insurance rates etc and then rank the states accordingly. As a result, the top five states to live in as per the 2012 surveys include the following –

1. Utah is ranked as one of the best states to live in as per the CNBC surveys. The state is famous for being the international headquarters for several large businesses. As a result, job opportunities are plenty and the local real estate market is averagely priced which is a huge plus point for relocating families. The state also has lovely weather and an extremely low crime rate.

2. North Dakota ranks high up simply because it is one of the best run states in the US. The state has a booming crude oil industry and it has demonstrated more than 3.5% growth in the economy over the last two years. This growth also increased home values and job opportunities in the last two years.

3. Wyoming is one of the prettiest states in the US and it also is one of the safest. The state has the lowest crime rate in the country along with clean water, pristine air and a prospering population. The state also has a booming local mining industry, which has ensured steady jobs for everyone. Over the last two years, the state has experienced the lowest foreclosures and unemployment rates in the entire country.

4. Colorado offers a unique mix of cosmopolitan cities along a booming rural population. The state is ranked as one of the healthiest states in the US with the lowest recorded rates of cancer and obesity.

Although these rankings are pretty reliable, we do recommend that you do as much research as possible. The internet is the best place to conduct your research and choose the best place in USA to set up home or shop.