A hot water system that is leaking is certainly something you can’t afford to ignore. Yes, you may only get to know about it when you don’t get sufficient hot water or, even worse, when there is no hot water at all. You ought to move into action swiftly because that tiny system problem could very rapidly turn into a major one!

A leak in your hot water system could be an indicator that it could be corroding and may get only worse with passage of time. Standards Australia is now working closely with all state regulators towards bringing the approval and certification of all water products under the single WaterMark Certification Scheme.

Tips For Selecting A Hot Water Plumber

Although selecting a good plumber is for sure not some rocket science, there certainly are several things you may need to take into consideration to make sure you’re actually getting the best tradesperson for the task, and at the best possible terms.

Confirm That Your Plumber Is Licensed And Insured

This may sound obvious, but don’t be shocked to know that lots of homeowners don’t ever bother to confirm if their tradesman is licensed or insured to carry out that kind of job. It is really to your interest to verify such details!

You May Pose Such Questions Like:

– Are you in possession of a valid plumbing licence?

– Do you have public liability insurance coverage?

– Are certified by some professional bodies?

The plumbing certification scheme for compliance is run under the Water Industry Act 2012 section 69(2). The majority of professional plumbers will only be glad to display their professionalism by showing you their licences and insurance certificates and details.

If they appear to dodge such questions or seem willing to display their documentation, be very cautious! Better move farther afield and get true professionals.

Don’t Choose Based On Price Alone

It’s normal to want to buy something or pay for a service at the lowest price possible. But remember we receive what we pay for. Ask yourself if really a plumber who is offering you the lowest rate is able to offer you top service. You’ll get true value when you combine quality with reasonable prices.

When You Get A Good One, Stick With Them

Don’t we all have our regular physician and dentist? The same should go for a house plumber! When you’ve located a good plumber, try and stick with him.

When you only hire based on the price, it may save you several dollars, but fact is that any reputable tradesperson or company may not be too keen on maintaining you as their client. Fact is that you’ll need the services of a plumber at short notice and not next week! And in all probability, when that happens, the majority of good plumbers will most likely prefer serve their more loyal clients.

At the end of it, it saves you more money when you stick with one good plumber. Instead of having to explain to every new plumber each time, about past experiences, location of pipes etc, your time tested plumber will have mastered your house layout.