You may have at one time or another experienced blocked drains at home or at your place of work or business. Blocked drains can be a nuisance as they interfere with the smooth running of activities in a building. The drains bring forth a bad smell when they are blocked and should be attended to immediately in order to maintain a healthy environment. Plumbers are nowadays well equipped with new technology that makes it easier to identify the cause of the blockage. Technology also helps in unblocking the drain using methods which cause minimal damage to the pipes.

Causes Of Blocked Drains

There are several ways in which your drains can get partially or totally blocked. Grease and fatty substances that are washed down the kitchen sink can easily cause the drain to block. Grease does not flow down the drain but gets stuck onto the insides of the pipes. The grease then accumulates over time and eventually causes the drain to block. Children can flush large objects like toys down the toilet during play causing the drains to block.

Flushing down baby wipes and sanitary items down the toilet will also cause a blockage. During autumn, leaves can accumulate on a property and if they are not swept and disposed of properly, they will end up in the drain and cause it to block. Hair too causes blocked drains when it flows down the bathroom sink and accumulates in the drain

Tools Used To Unclog Blocked Drains

One of the most common tools that is used to unclog a blocked drains is the plumber’s auger or plumber snake. This is a long cord made of wires that can be three or six feet in length. The plumber’s auger is lowered into the drain until the blockage is reached. The plumber can then turn and twist to break down the blockage into small pieces until he feels there is no more resistance.

A hydrojetter can also be used to remove a clog in the drains. The hydrojetter is a tool that uses water that is under high pressure to clean the drain. The nozzle of the hydrojetter is lowered into the drain and the water is turned on. The water is able to reduce the clog into small particles which then flow down the drain.

Use Of Technology

Advancements in technology have made it easier for plumbers to provide a more precise diagnosis of plumbing problems so that the solutions chosen are effective. Drain cameras are a great way by which the plumber is able to identify the cause of the blockage. The camera is lowered down the drain and the plumber is able to view from a monitor the insides of the pipes.

In addition to identifying the cause of the blockage, the plumber is able to see the condition of the pipes. He can then use a method of unblocking the clog which will cause minimum damage to the pipes. If the pipes are cracked, he can recommend a method of repairing them to avoid a future incidence of blocked drains.

This will allow you to go a long time without having to face the inconvenience of drains that are blocked.