With those hot summer days fast approaching, pests around the home are set to become a common sight. Getting rid of these effectively needn’t be difficult, especially if the right steps are taken and products used.

The key to keeping pests away is to keep your home clean. This includes mopping up food spills / crumbs, not leaving dirty pots to pile up and disposing of rubbish. It’s also recommended to keep sugar and other dry ingredients stored in sealed containers.

If pests still find their way into your home, consider using the pest control products highlighted below:

Flying Pests:

We cannot get away from the fact that wasps and flies are a nuisance during the summer. The latter bringing with them over 200 different types of bacteria, but you can help prevent the spreading of such germs and bacteria brought in by flying pests by taking advantage of:

Fly Papers:

Fly papers are a traditional method for removing unwanted flying insects from your home, with the tubes of fly paper being hung from the ceiling or curtain rails before the papers are pulled down to catch the flies.

The papers used in such a product are non-toxic and are able to catch up to 100 flies. But if you’d prefer not to have fly papers hanging throughout your home, window fly stickers are an effective alternative.

Due to flies being attracted to the outside light, they often fly towards the windows, and window stickers are a great way to trap flies. Once the insect brushes against the surface of the sticker they’ll become instantly stuck. Lasting for up to 3 months, these stickers can be discreetly placed in your windows, throughout the summer months helping to reduce the amount of flies in your home.

Flying Insect Killer:

Flies aren’t the only flying insects you’re likely to find a nuisance in your home throughout the summer. Wasps, midges and flying ants can also cause problems. A quick and efficient way to rid your home of such insects is to utilise a ready-to-use flying insect killer spray.

Such sprays are designed to be used throughout the home, offering a long-lasting and effective prevention to flying insect problems, with many sprays also being fast action. By keeping your home free of flying insects, you can also limit the amount of spiders in your home, as they won’t be able to find their usual food sources.

Unwanted Larger Pests:

Flying insects and creepy crawlies aren’t the only pests we are likely to encounter in our homes and gardens during the summer months. Such areas can also be visited by rodents and occasionally the cats from the neighbourhood, who like to use your herb garden as their own scented toilet.

Rodents bring with them a number of viruses – including Salmonella and Weil’s disease, which is why if you think you’ve got such unwanted visitors in your home you need to take steps to remove them, by using an…

Advanced Mouse Trap:

The first mouse trap was patented in November 1879, and since then they have evolved into powerful and easy to use devices.

Now such devices prove to be a quick and humane way to remove rodents from your home. Once baited, the traps are set by bringing their arm up into position. A benefit of modern mouse traps is they can be placed into tight areas of the home, due to their small size and height.

Cat Repeller Rods:

Are you fed up with your neighbour’s cat coming into your garden and using your recently planted and neat flowerbed as a toilet? Place cat repeller rods around your garden and see your flowerbeds become cat free.

Complete with strong citrus odours, the rods last up to 10 weeks (whatever the weather) and cover approximately one metre square, meaning they can be placed in only a few locations to keep unwanted feline visitors away.

Taking precautionary steps and utilising the vast range of pest control products available will help to keep a range of flying insects, creepy crawlies and bigger pests away from your home and garden this summer – meaning you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors in peace.