A little dust and dirt can easily be swept away without worry, but when a home reaches extreme unsanitary conditions, a broom and some disinfectant spray will not be able to resolve the issue. Unsanitary home conditions can include grime and various biohazards. Such elements can destroy the home and the health of the residents who are exposed to them. In addition to the appalling appearance and ghastly odors, a home full of gross filth can also contain another dirty little factor – vermin.

Vermin are pests and unsolicited animals and can include:

• Fleas

• Flies

• Cockroaches

• Bedbugs

• Mice

• Rats

• Other rodents

Any of these objectionable animals are drawn to properties that have unsanitary conditions. If there is food left around and/or there are piles of clutter and filth present, this is the perfect environment for these vermin to inhabit. Such conditions provide ample hiding places and burrows in which the creatures may live undisturbed. With ideal food and shelter, these creatures can thrive and breed, taking over the property.

These abhorrent organisms can destroy the property structure. With their gnawing and scratching combined with fecal matter and urine, a home’s structure can deteriorate and weaken. In addition to structural damage, these pests can also target electrical wiring and other dangerous household features, which can lead to additional dangers such as fires. The structural damages can be dangerous to the safety of the residents, exposing them to possible injuries.

Vermin also carry disease and bacteria due to their filthy conditions. The unaddressed fecal matter and urine can also be components that may cause ailments. Illnesses can result from hosts of the bacteria and be passed on from one living creature to another, infecting the inhabitants of the home. If improperly addressed, such conditions can affect the health of residents, anywhere from minor illness to critical health condition.

If the home hosts the ideal conditions for vermin, it is necessary to start with the property clutter cleanup prior to hiring an exterminator. This will eliminate any hiding places vermin may seek. Once an initial cleanup is completed, an exterminator may be called to eradicate the pest problem. After expelling any pests that were residing in the property, another cleanup will dispel any unsanitary conditions still remaining, such as unaddressed biohazards. A qualified professional crew is prepared to take on such clean up jobs in order to improve living conditions and eliminate health hazards.