Pests are usually present anywhere; no property or household is spared from infestation. Pests are any animal or plant that can be harmful to humans which can cause health issues and damage to property. Pests can endanger crops and cost billions in losses. The best way to keep bugs away is to have knowledge and insights. Understanding the behaviors and the characteristics of pests that you encounter in your surroundings will help you figure out the best solutions to manage and control them.


Silverfish is an insect that has a silvery light grey color with a fish-like appearance. This insect with scales and antennae can survive for many weeks without food and water. This wingless insect occupies gardens with high moisture levels and can find a way inside your home through cracks, gaps, and holes. They may seem harmless, but they can cause damage to human properties, and can even trigger allergies. They thrive in dark, damp spaces. You can find them in books and other paper products, clothes, and food.

Anobiid Powderpost Beetles

An adult anobiid powderpost beetle can grow up to a quarter of an inch and has a reddish-brown to black color. They dwell in houses and deed on hard or soft wood. The usual areas that they feast on are in the structural timbers such as beams, flooring, and paneling. They lay eggs on cracks and can live between one to ten years. They slowly cause damage to homes and if left unchecked, structural wood will be compromised.


Earwigs can grow between a quarter to an inch, and they live in places where there is enough moisture. Most earwigs are nocturnal, which means they are active at night. They are not poisonous but they produce foul odor when disturbed, which makes them a nuisance to any home.

Drain Flies

Also known as moth flies, drain flies are categorized as a species of “true fly”. They have a moth-like appearance with fine hair covering. Drain flies can lay up to 300 eggs and can live between 8 and 24 days. Drain flies usually live in and around sewers and drains which they feast on decaying organic fragments. Inside homes, drain flies stay in basements, kitchens and bathrooms which could spread bacteria and contaminate food. The biggest issue with drain flies is that they can easily and quickly increase in population posing harm inside structures that they invade.

These pests, whether common or unique in Tacoma, can pose danger to an individual or might even cause public health problems if left unattended or untreated. The best way to mitigate these pests is by calling the best tacoma pest control near you. They have professional knowledge on how to properly get rid of these nuisance creatures in your property. Do not DIY because it might cause bigger problems. These pests should be dealt with by experts who can resolve any trouble with ease. They work systematically to make sure they protect your belongings and property while they are finding the right solution in eliminating them.

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