Every day, someone is upgrading their technological devices, which is proof that the world prefers convenience and quality. When it comes to cooling their residential or commercial property, owners are searching for the same thing. Refrigerated air conditioning is the process in which the system uses ducts and controlled temperature to cool the property. Here are three reasons why property owners should convert.

1. Updated Cooling Units Are Energy Efficient

Older cooling systems, also known as swamp coolers, pull in air from the outside and use water to make it cooler. This process requires a lot of energy-particularly electricity. Although refrigerated units operate using electricity, they don’t consume as much because it doesn’t use evaporative cooling. Additionally, consumers who switch from a swamp cooler to a more sophisticated system may be eligible for a tax credit.

2. Better Temperature Control and Quality

The evaporative cooling process uses humidity to convert the outdoor air, which in turn, lowers the temperature. Modern day units recycle indoor air, which gives consumers the ability to control the temperature with a thermostat. Also, because it goes through filtration, vents and filters trap harmful airborne pathogens, which improves indoor air quality.

3. Refrigerated Units Don’t Require Changeovers

Changeovers are when units are thoroughly inspected and repaired during peak times of transitional seasons. For example, fall to winter and spring to summer. Older units require changeovers to occur often and usually include things such as:

– Inspecting for drain condensation

– Switching dampers to the cooling setting

– Looking for wiring that is damaged or needs replacing

– Running a test to determine pressure measurements in the system

Refrigerated air units require very little maintenance throughout the year-with the exception of changing the filter at the beginning of each season. A maintenance checkup should be done, at least, once a year. This will help keep the new system in working condition.

Ready to Make the Switch? Call the Professionals

As a general rule, it’s best to convert in the middle of the winter when the cooling unit isn’t being used. Furthermore, it may save on the electric bill if the heating unit runs solely on gas. Converting to refrigerated air is an easy decision, but it isn’t a do-it-yourself project and should be left to HVAC professionals. A technician will come and inspect the current cooling system, sit down with clients, and explain their best options. Their team will also make sure that the job-from the wiring to the thermostat-is done correctly.