Every house needs to have proper foam insulation. Whatever the type of building, be it sky scraper or bungalow, the effect of global warming is taking its toll on it making it very essential to find coast effective insulation which will help keep the warm air inside during the cold months and keep cool air inside during the hot months. That is why many builders are going in for the phenolic air duct.

Although you still find a number of people using sheet metals like galvanized steel as well as aluminium, more people are realising that they are not cost effective as transportation can be expensive and the prices are always fluctuating. Fiber glass is also preferred because of its good insulating property but it is also very costly. This is why the phenolic air duct have become more preferred than any other insulation products.

These resin foam duct panels are lightweight and more affordable than the other options. You can use phenolic insulation to line the walls, floors, ceilings as well as air ducts. But in this article we will concentrate more on the air duct. Phonelic air ducts are lined with a thin layer of aluminium of about 25 micrometers which is used to reinforce the insulative property of the duct. It is combined with the composition of the foam which is made up of aldehyde and phenol.

When it comes to performance you will realise that the phenolic duct performs very highly in resisting fire and moisture. When flames come into contact with this insulating foam, there is very little chance of it spreading. It is also noteworthy to state that the foam will produce very little amount of smoke which is mainly composed of C02 and CO making it non toxic when it comes into contact with fire.

Some of the other reasons engineers recommend the phonelic air duct are:

Its low thermal conductivity which is 0.02 w/m.k which ensures perfect insulation.

These air ducts are very durable with very little need for servicing during the time you use them.

They are very easy to install partly because they are light weight which means you do not need heavy duty equipment.

They have very good temperature control between minus 140-150C.

They generally look good when fitted properly by skilled installers.

In general you want foam insulation products that are reliable and easy on your pocket and that is what phonelic air ducts are.