While you are planning to improve your home’s general appearance, the type of window treatment that will be used is one of your many considerations, of course. All the while, you have been thinking about installing some sets of window blinds that will surely complement your place’s lay-out, style and motif.

Since you are already certain about window blinds, particularly the vertical ones, you are determined to scout for the perfect set for your home. However, you have no idea on how to mount them outside the window frame. Thus, we are giving you some practical tips that will surely guide you as you hang those wonderful window coverings in your abode.

Read on to learn about these tips that we would definitely like to share with you.

1. Check the head rail. The very thing that you are going to do if you want to install window blinds outside the window frame is to locate the head rail and determine its placement over your windows. In doing this, you have to pick a point under your window (just near the center) where you want the bottom portion of your blinds to reach. From the said point, measure the height of the blinds up to the top part of the window. Mark it using a pencil.

2. Determine the possible position of the brackets. In marking the location of your brackets, you need to have a helper. You need that person to place the head rail at the exact pencil mark for the brackets. While he is holding it, you need to check with a level if it is straight. Measure 10 centimeters from the end of the head rail and put a pencil mark directly over it. Do the same at the other side for the second bracket.

3. Install the brackets. Using the screws provided, attach the brackets to the wall. Make sure that the screws are properly attached to avoid your window blinds from dropping off.

4. Attach the head rail. Now that you have already screwed the brackets onto the wall, you can already snap in the head rail.

5. Attach the vanes. Since the head rail has already been snapped in, you can already attach the vanes.

6. Install the valance. For the entire component of your window blinds to look clutter-free, you must install the valance. By doing so, your window treatment can surely enhance the look of your home.