The ready availability of gazebo plans and blueprints has now made it quite easy for you to learn how to build a gazebo. Such plans or blueprints make your job easy by providing you the direction and assistance that you need. A gazebo gives your garden a unique touch and adds to its beauty. It can be built for a variety of reasons. You can make it to hold dinner parties or you can build a small gazebo where you can spend some time alone. A gazebo is versatile and rare and has so many uses that you will never regret having one.

Planning can answer your questions regarding how to build a gazebo. Plan what kind of gazebo you want, where you want it and how large or small is it going to be. Look for all the equipments that you are going to need and place them where they are easily accessible.

Size of the gazebo will be determined by the purpose you are building if for. If you want to hold large dinner parties then a 12 or 14 feet gazebo will be right for you. Otherwise it can be as small as 8 by 6 feet for small gardens.

Then decide upon a firm footing for your gazebo. If it is going to be temporary, then normal support fixed in the surface will do. However, if it is permanent then dig more proper foundation so that it is long-lasting. Prepare a sturdy top with a layer of concrete building blocks. For a sound base, go for 4 to 6 inches concrete foundation.

Gazebos are usually octagon in shape but you can go for other shapes as well. Start with corner footings which should always be concrete. Place them over all the 8 corners in vertical position and one at the center of the gazebo. An adjustable anchor fitting will be attached with each footing to take all the corner posts.

Then deck supporting and edge joists are fitted to these vertical posts and also with the center footing. While doing this make sure that everything is properly aligned. Then decking boards are connected with all the joists so that they come together accurately. This step will take time so you need to be patient and avoid inaccuracies.

The top joists or frieze panels are joined with the vertical posts at their top. Then you have to raise all the rafters from every post and take them to the king post at the top center of the gazebo. Keep in check the straightness of the posts otherwise your gazebo will have a crooked look.

Now connect the roofing panels to the rafter and you can finish of the roof with tiles or shingles. Having a firm top is important so this with precession and take your time.

Then balustrades, screens or railing are to be added last. At this stage you can design your gazebo the way you like. It can be fancy with twinkling lights or classy and elegant by dim lights. This step will depict your taste of art and aesthetic sense. So don’t overdo and try keeping it subtle.