Amtico floors are one of the most popular flooring types at present. Not only are they being selected by some of the most prestigious house builders, but they are swiftly replacing many other flooring types in both traditional and modern homes throughout the UK. The fact that Amtico is so well-suited to all types of premises means that there is a lot of room for further growth as well.

Amtico has most definitely grown in its popularity in recent years. This comes through an advancement in its manufacturing. It is also proven to offer solutions that many other flooring types cannot. An example of this is the fact that it is warmer underfoot than stone tiles and it is harder wearing than wooden alternatives.

Today’s savvy buyers are therefore looking for a flooring type that offers all round solutions and will be long-lasting. One issue is that such individuals need to be educated in how best to approach regular cleaning. The following do’s and don’ts have been put together in order to offer an insight into how with regular cleaning, Amtico’s lifespan can be elongated.

The first point considers the fact that you should clean your floors with a specialist Amtico cleaning product. Other variations will not be suited to the makeup of Amtico. Some solutions will offer less than satisfactory results, leaving dirt on the surface to ingrain in the future. Amtico-specific cleaning formulations are specially created in order to be hard enough to clean the surface, but soft enough not to wear away at the surface coatings.

The second point states you should not use floor polishes for all types of vinyl. Only the use of an Amtico sealer is advised. Once again this offers detail of how there are specifically-formulated products. These may cost slightly more than your regular shop-purchased products but they offer value for money and will not damage your floor.

The third point is that you should always hire a professional Amtico cleaner when looking to deep clean your Amtico floor. Certain products are available that will maintain and clean your floors on a regular basis. Over years your floor may become dirty and will need the support of a professional floor cleaner. The surface coatings will be removed, the floor comprehensively cleaned and then a surface finish reapplied in order to protect the floor.

The fourth point is to ensure that you do not use acidic cleaners on the surface of the floor. If such products are used then the surface finish will be stripped away. This will leave the bare Amtico exposed which will lead to speedier dirtying and possibly damage.

The fifth point considers the fact that it is important to take care to routinely clean your floors. This will mean that small and larger particles and dirt will be removed. If these were to be left then they would work to possibly damage or scratch the floor. Once they are removed, this risk is removed and the floor will remain undamaged.

The sixth point outlines that it is important not to scrub a stain on any Amtico floor. If this was to happen then a dull patch would likely appear. The stain may be removed but the dull patch will be as unsightly.

It is important to remember that Amtico is one of the most hard-wearing and durable floor products. Regular cleaning with the correct methods and techniques will easily ensure that it remains looking great and will stand the test of time. The above information was put together to empower, educate and offer advice when caring for your floors.