Once you’ve got your home sauna in place, it’s important to then choose the best sauna accessories to help you maximize your sauna experience. Sauna accessories allow you to customize your sauna to fit your personal preferences.

As with most sauna enthusiasts, steam is an important part of the sauna experience. There are many sauna accessories to help you maximize with steam. The sauna bucket and dipper are two of the most important sauna accessories you can have. There are dozens of sizes and styles to choose from. They are primarily made of soft woods that don’t get hot to the touch in the heat of a sauna environment. Many sauna buckets have plastic liners to prevent leakage, ensuring years of dependable use.

Aromatherapy fragrances are hugely popular with today’s sauna bathers. Everyone has a different preference when it come fragrance. Fragrances can invoke feelings of energy or relaxation. They can also help you to remove tension caused by a stressful day. A good sauna retailer will offer a large array of fragrances and oils, ensuring that you’ll find the fragrance or fragrances to fit your mood or desire.

Body brushes are very essential sauna accessories for your home. Natural bristle brushes help the body to re-energize by helping exfoliate your skin, removing layers of dead skin cells. This procedure stimulates natural healing by triggering the lymphatic system, boosting blood circulation, while speeding-up detoxification.

Head, leg and Backrests are also extremely important for the proper sauna experience. It’s hard to relax and enjoy your sauna if you’re not comfortable. Finding that right incline position for your body will ensure full relaxation inside your sauna. A wide range of sauna accessories are available to choose from. They range from straight inclines to curved backrests. Head, leg and backrests are also generally made of light soft wood like Western Red Cedar, Aspen, Pine or Poplar to ensure they don’t get too hot to the touch.

Music is a great way for many to relax. Choose speakers designed to work in the heat of your sauna, and always mount them as low as you can so they remain as cool as possible. There are different ways you can provide music to your speakers. Remotely connecting via a tuner or via an iPod or iPhone dock is a great way to “pipe” your favourite tunes inside.

Accessories used to keep sauna clean and dry. There are sauna cleaners designed to be gentle and revitalizing to your sauna’s wood. There are also non-toxic wood sealers specially formulated to be safe for your sauna for those who prefer less maintenance. These are among the most important of sauna accessories, as they need to be specially designed for use inside your sauna.

Sauna thermometers and hygrometers are also essential accessories. There are hundreds of different sizes and styles to choose from, so choose the right ones for you.

Shelves, racks and hooks are also popular sauna accessories. Need a place to hang your towels or robes? Want a place to place drinks or magazines? Chances are there are sauna accessories specifically for what you need.

There are literally thousands of different sauna accessories, and the ones mentioned above are merely a small sampling. If you want the very best sauna experience, it’s important to choose the right sauna accessories for YOU.