Are you a bath person or a shower person? A lot of people have very strong preferences. But there are so many reasons to love your shower–it should be no contest. Here are seven reasons why you should appreciate your shower.

1. It’s eco-friendly. You use less water with a shower than a bath. The less water you use, the less polluted water gets into our sewage treatment plants–and into our waterways. With all the environmental troubles in our world, from climate change to overpopulation, our water supply is only going to get more strained. It’s never been more important to save water.

The experts say that whether your shower truly saves more water than your bath depends on what kind of showerhead you have and how much time you spend in the shower. It is possible to use more water in a long shower with an inefficient showerhead than in a half-full bath, but it is still generally true that showers use less water than baths. Don’t believe us? Test it out for yourself. Next time you’re in the shower, plug the drain and see how much water accumulates in the tub. Spend as much time in the shower as you usually do. Most people find that they use about two-thirds less water for a normal shower than a bath.

2. It’s a great place to sing. There’s nothing like singing in the shower. The acoustics are great–you always sound like a pop star. There’s plenty of room to move around and dance. Most importantly, however, there’s nobody around to laugh at you belting out your own personal cover version of “I Believe in Miracles.”

Singing isn’t just for fun, either–it’s also good for you. When done correctly, it exercises your diaphragm and lungs. It also gives you a sense of euphoria that can be just what you need to start your day off the right way. In the shower, it doesn’t matter whether you’re tone-deaf or the next Kylie Minogue–the shower gives you a safe haven to exercise your vocal cords without anyone listening in.

3. It’s perfect for a sexy rendezvous. Who says baths are more romantic than showers? The shower is a great place for passionate encounters. The shower jet can feel just like a waterfall during intimate moments. Adjustable and removable showerheads can add a great deal to the sensual experience. It’s also a great way to stay clean while getting down and dirty. The continual flow of water keeps you feeling fresh and clean everywhere, which can be a big confidence booster.

4. It saves you money. Energy prices are only going up–and most people need every energy-saving tip they can get. If you live in an urban area, you pay for every drop of water you use. A shower uses less water than a bath, so it’ll cost less on your water bill. In addition, because you’re heating less water, you’ll use less energy in a shower than in a bath. You can save a significant amount every month just by taking short showers.

5. It saves you time. When you’re crunched for time in the morning, a shower takes only minutes! Just hop in, soap up, rinse off, and you’re done. No waiting around for a bathtub to fill up – your in, your out, your eating breakfast.

6. It helps you wake up. A lot of people say they can’t start their day without a cup of tea. But when you really need to wake up in the morning, a shower does the trick. The feel of warm water hitting your back wakes you up, invigorates you, and gets you ready for the day.

7. It gets you clean. This is the most obvious one. But did you know that a shower gets you cleaner than a bath? It’s not just because the dirty water goes right down the drain instead of staying with you. It’s also because, in the shower, you’re much more likely to use a lower water temperature than in a bath. When most people take baths, they turn the hot water all the way up. This is because most people sit and soak in a bathtub for twenty minutes or longer, and that water has to stay warm the whole time–who wants to sit around in a lukewarm bathtub? In showers, however, you can afford to have the water just as warm as is comfortable.

Why does this make you cleaner? When your body gets hot, you sweat. Even when you’re in the water. So if you’re taking a hot bath–or even an extremely hot shower–you could be getting dirty when you think you’re getting clean! In showers, with a lower water temperature, your body sweats less–and you get cleaner

It’s easy to see why you should love your shower. They’re good, clean fun. They’re also cheap and quick. So next time someone asks you which you prefer, you know which side to choose!