Bathroom vanity mirrors are an important part of the look of a bathroom. Often the mirror is part of a vanity set, so the style and color match well to achieve an overall look. One important question to ask yourself when purchasing a new bathroom vanity mirror, is, do I need one with a medicine cabinet? This question can be answered with the function you expect from the piece and the function of the room. It may not be necessary to have one in a guest powder room but it can provide added storage in a master bath. If the bathroom is small every extra bit of space can make life easier.

Today’s home designers have gotten away from the ugly old medicine cabinets that Grandma had, and have designed new striking accessories that can transform the look of the average bathroom. These designers have found creative ways to hide hinges and handles making them functional and stylish, you wouldn’t even know there was a medicine cabinet. The interiors of the cabinets can be just as important as the exterior. There are many choices in shelving, wood, glass, or plastic. The height of the shelves can also be important, dictating the size of the items you can place inside. The interiors can even be lined with a rustproof aluminum for homes on the sea shore.

There has been a recent trend lately to remodel older homes to their original state. When doing this the bathroom fixtures can not be overlooked. Finding original style bathroom mirrors can be difficult often the glass needs to be replaced because it can become cloudy or specked with age. It is also possible to find brand new mirrors in the retro styles to fit with period look you are trying to achieve.

If the traditional look is not for you, modern or contemporary may be just the ticket. These styles allow for a more unique and personal impression. Just a plain mirror with beveled edges can give your bathroom a sleek and modern appearance. There are also made types of frames that can be used to reflect personal style. In a smaller space maybe a shiny aluminum or chrome is the way to go; it will reflect even more light making the room seem larger. There are also more functional types of mirrors, ones with three sides, hinged so the user can move them to get different views.

Any style you decide to use should be functional as well as stylish to reflect your originality. A new bathroom mirror can compliment an old vanity giving your bathroom a fresh look without the added cost of new fixtures. So have fun with choosing a mirror because you may have to face it every morning.