After kitchens, bathrooms are the most commonly remodeled rooms in the house. That makes sense, since for many of us, the bathroom is the only place we can escape for some private time. You can shut out the kids, the pets, and the spouse, at least for a while.

Whether you enjoy reading by candlelight in a scented bath or just like the feel of hot water pounding against achy muscles in the shower, the bathroom can be a little oasis from the hectic activities in your house. At least it can if you’re willing to put a little work into creating a sanctuary. Your standard toilet, sink, and tub/shower aren’t that exciting in themselves.

So, what are some of the things you can do to turn your ho-hum bathroom into a luxurious place for relaxation?

Many people immediately think of big, jacuzzi bathtubs with lots of frothing jets and bubbling water. Not only are jetted tubs expensive, but they involve a lot of labor to install. Aside from the time, cost, and aggravation of ripping up your bathroom, you would likely have to replace your water heater, since those massive tubs take much more water to fill than a standard model. And at the end of the day, most people don’t use their tubs that often–despite the ohs and ahs people voice when they first see them.

So, what are more economical bathroom improvements that can pamper you just as much?

If you want a daily treat, a new showerhead is a good way to go. You can get models that hang overhead and rain water down on you, as if you were standing under a waterfall. If that’s not your cup of tea, how about a handheld shower nozzle? These showerheads let you direct the spray wherever you want, and most can be mounted on the wall when you want your hands free. You could also opt for double showerheads that massage your body from two different directions. Even inexpensive models with numerous settings may be an upgrade if you’ve got a standard shower. These let everyone in the family get just what they want.

If you want to go a step further, you could install a floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure. This lets you turn your average shower into a steam bath. Even after the water is turned off, you can sit in the warmth of the cubicle and let the hot air soothe your muscles.

Speaking of sitting, you’d be surprised how handy a folding shower seat can be. If you’re tired, you can sit while the water beats down on you, or maybe you just want someplace to prop your foot when you shave your legs.

Now that we’ve talked about ways to make shower time more luxurious, what about when you step out of the water? How about a towel warmer? You can get heating racks or warming drawers that turn your towel into something toasty to wrap around your shoulders when you’re done.

Enjoy some aromatherapy in the bathroom while you’re there. You can burn candles or incense, if that’s your preference, but there are more subtle essential oils and perfume sachets that can offer just a hint of your favorite aroma too.

If you do want to splurge and do a little more extensive remodeling, consider a new floor with radiant heat instead of a jacuzzi tub you’ll rarely use. You can get programmable heating systems, so you can set your bathroom floor to warm up a few minutes before your alarm goes off. On a cold morning, there’s nothing like a little warmth seeping up from underfoot to wake you up gently.